Anti-Trump Bartender Fired After Attacking Teen Boy In Texas Whataburger

“I support my President..."


The world Maxine Waters wants to create is coming to fruition. A teenage boy in San Antonio, Texas was enjoying a burger with friends when a grown man viciously assaulted him over his Trump hat.

man attacks teen in texas whataburger
Photo Credit | NBC 5

16-year old Hunter Richard was eating with friends at a San Antonio Whataburger, when a anti-Trump thug attacked him over his “Make America Great Again” hat. Without provocation the adult takes the hat off Richard’s head and throws a drink in his face.

Fortunately, one of the other boys was able to film a large portion of ordeal. In the (***warning graphic***) video, the man screams obscenities at Richard while stealing his MAGA hat. “You ain’t supporting s*** n***** little b**** a** mother*****,” the liberal goon shouted at the teen.

Then, as he is walking away, he continues to hurl obscene insults at the boys. “This is going to go great in my f****** fireplace b****,” he said. It’s obvious from the video, that at least one of the boys is shocked by the assault.

Shortly after news of the attack went viral, the suspect was allegedly identified. His name is Kino Jimenez, a 30-year old bartender in San Antonio. He worked part-time at a local bar called Rumble, but the owner reportedly fired him.

In a statement, the owners oddly noted that their bar is open to everyone. “THIS BAR IS A SAFE SPACE FOR EVERYONE!” the post read according to Daily Caller. “No matter your race, creed, ethnicity, sexual identity, and political stance, you are welcomed here!”

Thankfully, the San Antonio police department is still investigating the incident and assault charges could be filed. As well they should be. It can never be acceptable to harm a child. If we as a country allow that, we are lost forever.

Nevertheless, the good news is Hunter Richard has it all in perspective.

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