Trump’s supposed violation of the Cuban embargo is the next, new breaking story splashed front and center on the leftist news outlets. In what can be seen as a slanderous attempt by the Democratic candidate to undermine Trump’s campaign, her efforts are having the exact, opposite effect. 

The lows that Clinton will sink to in a bid to demean and mis-characterize Trump truly knows no limits.

In a recent leak, put out by Clinton’s campaign, the Republican candidate has been labelled by insinuation, as a traitor. The allegation being that Trump invested close to $68,000.00 in Cuba in 1998, while exploring potential business opportunities.  These would have been seen as a violation of the Cuban embargo, a financial, commercial and economic blockade of all goods and services from the United States to Cuba.  The embargo was seen as a decisive move that isolated Cuba and devolved relations between the two countries for over fifty years.

While leftist media outlets will resort to pure speculation and gossip, the facts have yet to be presented. What we do know so far is that the company alleged to have invested US money into Cuba was actually not even a firm operated by Trump himself.  It was an affiliated consulting firm under the Trump umbrella.

The facts remain: Donald Trump did not actually invest in Cuba.  If you read to the end of the Newsweek article, which so scandalously accused him of doing. In addition, Trump never endorsed the Castro regime, instead he openly condemned the former leader for his actions, his crimes against humanity and mistreatment of his people.

In any case, most people are not interested in Clinton’s slander and digging up of old facts.  The reason being it simply doesn’t resonate with most Americans’ bottom line. 

At a conference in 1998, Trump was quoted as saying, “Putting money and investing money in Cuba right now doesn’t go to the people of Cuba, it goes into the pockets of Fidel Castro. He’s a murderer, he’s a killer, he’s a bad guy in every respect and frankly, the embargo against Cuba must stand, if for no other reason then if it does stand, he will come down, he will tumble down and it will finally happen. What a waste of energy and time and effort if this government opens up to Cuba before Castro is gone. It will line his pockets, the country will become wealthy again and it will have the same regime it has had for so many years. It’s inconceivable to me that this can happen with the weak stance of this current administration.”

These non-factual, politically-motivated acts perpetuated again and again by Clinton and her closest allies are ultimately, empty ammunition against Trump. In their desperate bid to ruin Trump, her camp can hardly find anything. Clinton’s record, on the other hand, is absolutely abysmal. Hillary seems to have an unending bent to rehash things that happened years ago while for her, after scandal after scandal, their is never a genuine interest by the media to bring facts to the people. Crooked Hillary emerges unscathed by the very people and organizations whose job it is to criticize, question, and dig for the truth.

Clinton hurls baseless claims towards TrumpClinton hurls baseless claims towards Trump

In her efforts to make Trump look bad, Hillary is simply demonstrating her tiresome and desperate politics, which most Americans already distrust.

The daily lies being perpetuated in order to disparage Trump, end up rubbing Americans the wrong way. The feeling is that her campaign is trying to, in a way, literally rub America’s face on the possible wrong doings of her adversary. What Hillary undermines is that this isn’t the best strategy to win support and voters.  To most people these just seem like dirty old tricks from a dirty politician (who also claims to be ready to bring ‘change’ to Washington).

This is why now, more than ever, Trump needs your support. 

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