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Photo Credit: Franklin County police officers arrived to find a very gruesome scene in their small North Carolina town on Monday. 18-year old Oliver Mauricio Machado was standing there with a large knife in one hand and his mother’s head in the other. Machado is now charged with first-degree murder for decapitating his 35 -year old mother Yesenia Machado.

A spokesperson for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed to the Daily Caller that Machado is an illegal immigrant from Honduras. ICE issued a detainer for him after his arrest.

It is not clear how long Machado has been in the country illegally, but he did have two siblings, ages two and three, at home when he allegedly killed their mother. Machado called the police himself and surrendered without incident.

This is just one on the hundreds of stories emerging that highlights the dangers of illegal immigration. A far-reaching problem that President Trump has been sharply criticized for addressing. While it is true that not every illegal immigrant commits a crime or poses a threat, at least physically, many of them do.

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So now the real question is: how many more innocent lives should be sacrificed to help the…

 “Good Ones”

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Democrats have made it clear that they don’t want to stop illegal immigration. They won’t support secure borders or more diligent vetting. They are content with trading the safety of American citizens for votes.

President Trump has never failed to acknowledge the contributions of legal immigrants in America. He has family members, and a wife that are shining examples of successful immigration.

But, he also knows we can no longer afford to be an “open” nation whose streets are filled with people who have no respect for our laws and values. When government politicians willingly break the law in the name of “social justice”-real justice is lost for everyone.

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