The whole world watches as President-elect Donald Trump selects his cabinet. While those who voted for Trump are very comfortable in his ability to improve the economy, many wonder where he will take us in terms of international relations. One of the critical components to this answer will certainly come from the Ambassador to the United Nations. Last week, Trump selected Governor Nikki Haley to hold this position.

Why Does the Ambassador to the U.N. matter?

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In most cases this position would be viewed by the American public, and conservatives specifically, as a mostly useless position. The United Nations does very little, if anything, to help the United States.

Some could argue that the U.N. played a significant role in our involvement in the Iraq War. The United Nations’ failure to inspect nuclear facilities in Iraq was a leading cause for U.S. involvement in that country.

This presidential term, however, may be different. While on the campaign trail, Donald Trump took a hard line against the United Nations. In his speech to AIPAC, Donald Trump said, “The United Nations is not a friend of democracy, it’s not a friend to freedom, it’s not a friend even to the United States of America where, as you know, it has its home.”  

It’s no secret that the President-elect has very little appreciation for the United Nations. Trump has discussed making other countries pay their way in these international organizations. Key members of the United Nation are in an uproar over his election. The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and the U.N. Council will begin with a strained relationship. The Ambassador to the U.N. will have an uphill battle pushing Trumps policies through the U.N.

Who is Governor Nikki Haley?

Governor Nikki Haley stands at a podiumGovernor Nikki Haley | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Nikki Haley is the second term Governor of South Carolina. Gov. Haley served in the South Carolina house of Representatives prior to becoming Governor. Her parents immigrated from India after a short stay in Canada. She worked in her mother’s clothing shop as a child, and graduated from Clemson University.

Gov. Haley has been tough on illegal immigration. As a state representative, she voted for a law that requires employers to prove the legal status of new employees. As governor, she signed into law strict immigration policy. Until now, most only knew Governor Haley for her involvement in the removal of the Confederate Flag from the statehouse.

What Can We Expect from U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley?

At this point, it is hard to tell what to expect. Gov. Haley has no international relations experience to speak of, though her voting record and stance on domestic issues may give us some clues.

We Can Expect Her to Stick to Her Positions

Gov. Haley firmly stood against opposition in both immigration policy and her removal of the confederate flag.

Expect Gov. Haley to Push for Financial Reform Within the U.N.

Gov. Haley has a record of denying tax hikes. With this in mind, she is likely to push for increased financial participation from other countries. Furthermore, she will probably push for more economic conservatism.

Expect Haley to Support Trump Policies

Despite her staunch criticism early in the campaign, much of Haley’s actions align with Trump’s proposals. The Confederate Flag issue aside, Haley has demonstrated core conservative values throughout her time in office.

How do you think Ms. Haley will influence the global landscape as Ambassador to the U.N.?

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