Summer Zervos, who on Friday made serious allegations against Mr. Trump, wrote an email to the Trump organization on April 14, 2016.

Note: The following is an editorial piece, reflecting the opinion of the writer and is not intended to be a news story. 

In the email, Zervos explains how she wished to ‘reconnect’ with the Republican presidential nominee.  While this past Friday, October 14, 2016, Zervos held a press conference stating that Trump assaulted her by ‘kissing her,’ ‘grabbing her boob,’ and ‘thrusting his genitals’ on her, with tabloid and political lawyer Gloria Albright by her side. Perhaps a shrewd layer, Albright is known as rarely going to trial and settling allegation law suits via large sums of money.

Donald Trump.

In her email, Zervos stated that her restaurant business, “embraced anyone who is honest while working hard.” Adding that “Mr. Trump is cut from the same cloth.”

The full email addressed to Trump’s senior employee, Rhona Graff reads,


I’m certain you are a very busy woman. I am in a unique situation being that I am the only former Apprentice who operates a business where Mr. Trump’s supporters can walk in, express their admiration for him and inquire about my experience. Mr. Trump has a great deal of support in Huntington Beach, Ca! He has witnessed both my highs and lows operating a small business and I am pleased to report that business is good. Sunny’s Restaurant has a long history of making people feel special. We hire a diverse crew and embrace anyone who is honest while working hard. Mr Trump is cut from the same cloth.

I would greatly appreciate reconnecting at this time. He will know my intentions are genuine.

Thank you,

Summer Zervos 

Just a few months ago, years after the allegations took place, Zervos was inviting Mr. Trump to her restaurant. All the while she was expressing a glowing admiration for the business man. Seems like Albright won’t get a dime out of this one.

This appears to be a clear-cut smear campaign. Either Summer Zervos had been scarred by Mr. Trump’s actions; as she seems to have relegated during the press conference. Or, Zervos saw a possible gain from making public allegations against the Republican nominee. Just as she saw a possible gain from writing the email in April 2016. One thing is perfectly clear, Summer Zervos seems to place herself wherever she is available to gain.

ABC nightly news, as well as MSNBC, reported that Trump claimed he would put evidence forward. Both news outlets then failed to report on Zervos’ previous email to The Trump organization, as well as the WikiLeaks revelation of fake Craigslist ads put out by the Clinton campaign.

In addition, Zervos’ cousin, John Berry, released a statement through the Trump campaign denouncing Zervos’ allegations. Berry stated that Zervos spoke highly of Mr. Trump during the ten years after she had appeared on The Apprentice. He also described her actions were likely to “get attention at Trump’s expense.” Berry stated that Zervos turned on Mr. Trump after he neglected to respond to her wish to ‘reconnect’ with the Republican nominee. Perhaps someone can remind Zervos that Trump was too busy running a presidential campaign.

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