After Spending Years On Putin Doc, Oliver Stone Said No Proof In Russian Hack

Putin Interviews | Photo Credit Showtime

Oliver Stone Uncovers Truth About Russia

Russian leader Vladimir Putin told director Oliver Stone, “We never interfere within the domestic affairs of other countries.” The two men were speaking for Stone’s new Showtime documentary series, “The Putin Interviews.”

The four-hour documentary just premiered on Showtime and is made up of over twenty hours of conversations between the leader and the filmmaker. After their conversations together, the belief that Russia is America’s enemy, according to Stone, is due to the media’s pressure.

The left has now attacked Oliver Stone over the new series, despite being well-known for his anti-war films that promoted the left.

No Proof That Anyone Hacked Election

Putin Interviews | Photo Credit Showtime

“We don’t know that. We’re told that,” said Oliver Stone, when Tucker Carlson said that Putin is known for hacking the 2016 election. “We have to have evidence. There’s a thin amount of evidence,” said the director.

“It’s been told to us by three agencies — the CIA, the NSA and the FBI — in January, a few days before Mr. Trump came into office, it was called an assessment. Thin. It’s not an intelligence estimate. It doesn’t have the kind of information that is required.”

Stone believes that the government and the media “slapped Trump in the face” and created something out of nothing, calling “Trump a Manchurian Candidate.”

Putin Reveals, “We Did Not Hack The Election”

Russian influence
Harry Reid claims Russian infuence on the election helped get Donald Trump elected. Phot credit: Newsweek

Lifezette reports:

“We did not hack the election at all,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin to “Snowden” director Oliver Stone in the fourth and final part of Showtime’s fascinating series, “The Putin Interviews.”

“The Russian leader was more fiery than ever in a conversation that took place in February of this year — after Donald Trump had been inaugurated and after conspiracy theories about Russia’s potential hacking of the presidential election became the favorite expression of upset over the election results among Democrats and the media.”

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