Adam Schiff Tricked By Russian Comedians When Digging For Dirt On Trump

Schiff duped by Russian comedians
Rep. Adam Schiff worked with fake Russian diplomats to secure dirt on Trump. | Photo credit Breitbart

If you don’t believe in karma, you might after reading this story about Democrat Rep Adam Schiff and a pair of Russians who offered him “dirt” on President Trump. 

As fate would have it, the top-ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee isn’t very intelligent. Otherwise, Adam Schiff would not have been duped by a couple Russian comedians posing as diplomats.

The comedians, nicknamed “Vovan” and “Lexus,” are notorious for prank calling high-ranking American officials. Last year, they added another unsuspecting sucker to their list when they reeled in the Democrat lawmaker.

Rep Schiff has pushed the Trump-Russia collusion theory from the beginning. So much so, that Congressman Trey Gowdy often rebukes his Democrat colleague for finding evidence “where there is none.”

In 2017, Schiff thought he had the dirt needed to bury Trump.

He was wrong.

The Conversation and Email

Russian comedians
Russian pranksters Vladimir ‘Vovan’ Kuznetsov, 30, and Alexei ‘Lexus’ Stolyarov, 28. | Photo credit Daily Mail

The Russian pranksters reportedly contacted Schiff, offering up naked pics of Trump with a Russian reality star. Schiff’s office is claiming that he knew the call was “bogus” and that he reported it to the authorities.

However, the recording of the conversation and follow-up emails from staffers don’t support their explanation. “I would caution that our Russian friends may be listening to the conversation, so I wouldn’t share anything over the phone that you wouldn’t want them to hear,” he told the fake Chairman Andy Parubiy.

“I’ll be in touch with the FBI about this. And we’ll make arrangements with your staff. I think it probably would be best to provide these materials both to our committee and to the FBI.”

Following the almost eight-minute conversation, Schiff’s staffers sent emails to the Russian comedians to procure the documents. “I understand Mr. Schiff had a productive call with Mr. Parubiy, and that Mr. Parubiy would like to make some material available to Mr. Schiff through your embassy,” wrote Rheanne Wirkkala, according to an April 4, 2017 email.

Schiff was so blinded by hate for President Trump that he ended up falling victim, not to Russian comedians, but to his own delusions and stupidity.