The ACLU tweeted out an adorable picture last Wednesday, of a toddler holding an American flag. The tweet was a promotion of their new clothing line (which is another story altogether), but now they are apologizing for it. 

Because it represents “white supremacy.”

As you can see from the post, the caption simply read “This is future the ACLU members want.” And they should want it, right? There is no greater symbol of liberty in the world than the American flag. And let’s face it, children learning respect for the flag is a momentous occasion these days.

But, if you are a liberal progressive, then a picture of a blonde-headed toddler holding the American flag is a symbol of white supremacy. And they had no problem telling the ACLU that’s what their tweet was promoting. “A White kid with a flag?” posted Twitter user Nyasha Junior. A commenter named Elizabeth was harsh.

“Supporting Nazis, then tweeting little blond kids? Get your s**t together,” she wrote. It was also suggested that the baby “should be burning the flag.” Hundreds of comments were posted to the initial tweet, and all of them were from leftists.  A group that has proven time and time again, that they are anti-American.

Instead of standing by their tweet, the ACLU quickly caved to the progressive bullies. They had an opportunity to stand-up for American values, which they espouse to protect, and they blew it. In their apology, they praised their followers for “keeping them in check.”

Nothing says freedom and liberty like the ACLU bowing to socialists and communists. Even Shakespeare couldn’t compete with this level of irony. Maybe they should go into the clothing business since they have obviously lost sight of their original purpose. 


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