After Donald Trump won the noisy and bitter White House race, leftists suffering from overwhelming distress, rushed into the streets to stage a massive anti-Trump protest.

Expecting Hillary Clinton to win the U.S. 2016 elections, supporters of the Democratic Party candidate were devastated, after realizing that Hillary was suddenly defeated.

True democracy means accepting the government we vote for and the leaders we elect through our political process. Inevitably, if the majority of members in the Land of the Free chose Trump to lead the American superpower, then no doubt, the democratic process of our United States worked.

Trump appears to be a man bred for this moment. He promised that he will make America great again — working with a diversity of people to accomplish the task. Here are five simple, but on-point reasons why Trump is the greatest American jump in America’s political history so far:

He is the Epitome of Change

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Change is neither a singular campaign or a one day gain. For years, millions of American people have cried out over the palpable effects of corruption, street crimes, traffic, and the slow but imminent demeaning of the national judicial system. 

Yes, majority leaders promise change, but an equally massive number of voters are tired of broken promises. What they want are not scented words, but no-nonsense actions, the very reason many Americans voted Donald Trump into office.

No One Owns Him

Donald Trump’s net worth is currently valued at $3.7 billion, according to Forbes, meaning it’s nearly impossible to buy him off.

However, more interestingly, the figurative point of view shows that Trump does not care about adult temper tantrums or tirades, targeting he and his family. He is certainly the true embodiment of the political principle, “from the people, by the people, and for the people.” Simply put, Trump speaks as if he owes no one.

He is Decidedly Independent

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Who can lead an independent country better than someone who understand independence?

Trump paid for his own campaign and ran against the entire political class, against the odds, facing sixteen rivals for the Republican candidate post.

While many claimed that he could not get more than 20, 30, or 40 percent of the Republican vote, he beat Hillary Clinton by a respectable landslide of the Electoral College. He did what he promised — he proved all of his detractors and naysayers wrong.


Donald Trump, the man himself, appears brutally honest and grittily brave. He is frank and does not hide his true feelings — no one need question his thoughts or intent. 

Unlike other politicians who are scared to reveal what is in their hearts and minds, Trump is not afraid to say something and face the consequences of his actions. 

Proud and Firm

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The business-mogul-turned-politician does not show fear in discussing his personal background. No matter what is thrown at him, he holds his chin courageously high.

Donald Trumop is not afraid to lose the sympathy of the general public. Lastly, he is dauntless in his stance against the Muslim extremists and the “bad hombres” lurking around American corners. Despite the odds against him, there is comfort in knowing President-elect Donald J. Trump, is fiercely protecting our great American soil.

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