Obama Judges Make Shocking Ruling On This 40-Foot WWI Memorial Cross

40-foot memorial cross-World War I
The 40-foot cross memorial in Maryland honors veterans killed World War 1. | Photo credit Fox5

As Judeo-Christians around the country celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ this Easter, there are those still trying to erase His presence. Some of those people are judges that Obama appointed who ruled a 40-foot World War I cross memorial, “unconstitutional.”

Nearly 100 years ago, residents in Bladesnburg, Maryland erected the Peace Cross to honor men who gave their lives fighting for their country. Built in 1925, funded by the American Legion and local families, the cross bears a tribute plaque with 49 names.

Among the message inscribed on the plaque are words like “valor,” “courage,” and “devotion.”

Words, that several Obama appointed judges and the people running the American Humanist Association would undoubtedly know little about. It’s hardly brave or courageous to attack Christians and dead war heroes to further an agenda. 

The latter, an anti-Christian activist group, filed suit over the cross. Because, if you can believe it, the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission pays for the upkeep.  In a story explaining their lawsuit, they alleged the memorial, after 90 years, violates separation of church and state.

Last October, judges on the 4th Circuit Court agreed with them, ruling the Peace Cross is a violation of the U.S. Constitution. Ironically, separation of church and state is nowhere to found in that document. They must have skipped that in law school. 

That fact notwithstanding, it also has no bearing in situations such as this. That is, unless you are a liberal judge in the habit of redefining the Constitution. Which, as you know, is a problem that’s growing bigger and more alarming every day.

That is evidences by the fact that on March 1, six more Obama judges refused to overturn the ruling. 

A Dangerous Precedent

cross memorial-Arlington
The 4th Circuit ruling on the Peace Cross could jeopardize Arlington National Cemetery crosses. | Photo credit Pinterest

Thankfully, supporters of religious freedom, a right the Constitution does guarantee, are not giving up the fight to preserve the 40-foot cross memorial. They do so for many reasons, including the threat the ruling represents to other Christian-based memorials.

“We cannot allow it to be the final word,” said Hiram Sasser, deputy chief counsel for First Liberty Institute, who is representing the American Legion. “If this decision stands, other memorials, including those in nearby Arlington Cemetery, will be targeted as well,” he warned.

Let’s pray that President Trump will appoint judges who can stop that from happening.