3 Celebrities Who Are Seriously Considering Presidential Run 2020


Billionaires And Celebrities Consider 2020 Campaign

Tom Hanks And Oprah | Photo Credit Dalje

Before Billionaire Donald Trump changed the way an election is won, political experience seemed like a prerequisite for anyone who wanted to run for President. Now, celebrities and billionaires are considering throwing their hats into the ring.

One major player is television personality Oprah Winfrey. Her television audience has been asking for her to run for decades, but now she seems like she may actually consider the enticing offer.

“I thought, I don’t have the experience… Now I’m thinking, oh…” said Oprah.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

People’s Sexiest Man and one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood may consider the White House next. The Rock’s 80 million followers on Instagram show he has the popularity angle won before he even starts.

“I started to really think: could I make a difference? Could I surround myself with really brilliant people to help me make decisions? Do I care about this country? The answers continued to come up yes [so] there’s a good chance,” he concluded.

“One day,” said The Rock.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks | Photo Credit MicroGiving

Years ago, Steven Spielberg tried to get Tom Hanks to run for president but at the time, it didn’t seem possible. Hanks has never expressed his own personal interest in running for president, but that’s usually how it starts.

Michael Moore thinks the Democratic party should try to entice the actor because people love Tom Hanks. Moore told CNN, “Democrats would be better off if they ran Oprah or Tom Hanks. Why don’t they run beloved people?”

Republicans won with Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger so it does seem like the Democrats would consider a friendly face for their campaign, rather than more of the same or another scandalous candidate.

Parties aside, would you vote for any of these candidates by name alone?

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