The Frightening Reason A 14-Year Old Florida Student Brought A Gun To School


Teenage boys are curious about a lot of things. That’s why it’s so important they have positive role models to look up to. A 14-year old boy in Winter Haven, Florida recently brought a loaded semi-automatic pistol to school in his backpack because his role models make guns seem cool.

14-year old Florida student brought gun to school
Photo Credit | ABC Action News

Last Wednesday, officers from the local police department responded to a call at Winter Haven Christian School. When they arrived at the main office, the principal presented them with the student’s backpack.

Inside the schoolbag, police found a Kimel AP-9 semi-automatic pistol with 11 rounds of ammunition and two pocket knives. Unfortunately, it gets worse. When the Winter Haven PD officers asked the 14-year old why he had the weapons he said, “I wanted to feel cool.”

But that wasn’t all he said.

According to ABC Action News, the teenager told police that he was “listening to rap music” before school. He wanted to bring the gun, which belongs to his father, to school to feel “powerful” and “cool.”

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