Your GSD Still Jumps and Scares People? Here’s What You Can Do

By Dima B. | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-01

It is all fun and games when your little German Shepherd puppy pretends to be a big scary dog and lunges at people. But wait until it’s a bit grown up. Only then will it become a real problem. Remember that an adult German Shepherd can easily injure, let alone scare a poor old lady if it jumps on them.

*•° Warrior Goddess °•*
*•° Warrior Goddess °•*

Getting to the bottom of such behavior can be tricky. But after that – you’ll find it easy to fix your dog’s overly friendly attitude. Basically, a dog can attack (or simply jump on) a person for one of the two reasons. Either the dog is scared/feels threatened or it feels super enthusiastic and happy. If it’s the former that is bothering you, for example, your dog attacks the mailman or strangers, then you need to consult a professional trained. If it’s the latter – you can fix it. Keep in mind that dogs are animals that follow their instincts and behavior. So, if they see you not reacting or rewarding bad actions (like jumping on someone) they’ll remember it and repeat again. 

Patterns and regimes are the core of dog’s training. Here’s how you trick your dog out of jumping on people.

  1. Identify the trigger

Usually, the dog simply wants attention. If you stop showing any attention, then the dog will figure out that jumping doesn’t actually help. Next thing you know, your German Shepherd doesn’t see the merit of jumping on people to grab some attention. Identifying the trigger and then negating it is very important.

2. Get some training

If you can stop your dog from doing something by a command – that’s almost as better as having a well-behaved dog. It takes time and patience, but the results are amazing. Command ‘sit!’, when the dog is harassing someone, and if the dog obeys – reward them with a toy or some treat.

3. Consistency

German Shepherds are among the most well-behaved and easy-to-train dogs in the world. This is the reason they are so effective in the police forces, search and rescue missions and as an aid dog. Bit it might take months or years for you to get to that stage when the dog knows how to act in various situations and is easily controlled by your commands. Breaking the regime once can make all the progress you’ve made so far be in vain. Stay consistent and the results will accumulate as the time goes by. In the end – you’ll find yourself enjoying getting to know your dog and training it.

Getting attacked by a dog is, probably, among our basic childhood fears. Many still have that fear even when they’ve grow up into adults. If you want to keep your friends and people you might meet mentally and physically safe, you have to address your dog’s behavior. Jumping on people is quite normal for a dog. That is why it will take much time and effort to teach your GSD to really behave, especially around strangers. And if nothing helps, you can always rely on the professionals who do this kind of training for a living. Because what really matters is getting the needed result in the end.



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