Why Do Pit Bulls Attack and are There Precursors?


Why do Pit Bulls attack and are there precursors? This is a question that has two parts and two sides. It is one of the foundations of countless debates on the Pit Bull temperament. Your answer to the first part of this question will determine which side of the debate you land on.

Can a Question Have Two Correct Answers?

Why do Pit Bulls attackWhy do Pit Bulls attack? My definitive answer is, I do not know. That is the truth of the subject for anyone who is honest with themselves.

Though I have devoted many years of my life to education, I have not done so in the field of Animal Behavior.

However, even those who have are still perplexed by this same question. Sure, they have theories and more qualified educated guesses, but that’s it.

One Answer Could Mean Zero Debates.

Why do Pit Bulls attackI believe the reason so many are at odds with this question is due to the word, “All”.

That singular word can change the meaning of almost any sentence.

I am a firm believer in the fact that “All” can seldom be used accurately to describe a group of, well, anything.

Do Pit Bulls Attack for Individually Different Reasons?

Why do Pit Bulls attackWe have a chance to come to a consensus in this debate if we can stop expecting a “one answer fits all” conclusion.

All Pit Bulls are dogs is a scientific fact. However, beyond that, “All” no longer applies. Each Pit Bull is an individual dog with its own personality and behavioral characteristics.

Therefore, it is a safe conclusion to state that each time a Pit Bull attacks, it is for an individually different reason.

Will the Science of Animal Behavior Solve this Mystery?

Why do Pit Bulls attackAdvocates against the Pit Bull breed are firm believers in the danger-factor of all Pit Bulls and Pit Bull types.

There is a consensus on a belief that all Pit Bulls are dangerous.

That singular belief is at the heart of an ongoing and polarizing debate. The fight for the fair and equal treatment of Pit Bulls appears to be a never-ending battle.

Are there Warning Signs Before a Pit Bull Attacks?

Why do Pit Bulls attackI have read numerous articles involving Pit Bull attacks. There seems to be a common statement found in many of these articles.

The Pit Bull came out of nowhere or the Pit Bull just attacked seemingly for no reason. Those are the common statements found in many of the articles written about Pit Bull attacks.

The general public has been inundated with articles such as these. So much so, that the public’s perception of Pit Bull has been irreparably damaged.

Awareness of the Signs is Essential to Heading Off Disaster.

Why do Pit Bulls attackThe professionals in the field of Animal Behavior agree that the general temperament of the Pit Bull breed is not aggressive.

In addition, the overall consensus also agrees that the breed is characteristically known for hiding their aggression.

To put it another way, those in the field of Animal Behavior state that the breed was known for showing few physical queues in regards to their aggression.

Hard to See if You Do Not Know What to Look For.

Why do Pit Bulls attackSo, are there precursors to Pit Bull attacks? The answer is yes. However, it is stated by many professionals, that these signs are subtle. In addition, these subtle warning signs are additive or build up to a breaking point.

The overall belief is the breed, in general, should be approached on an individual basis. The signs are there, but you really need to know what to look for.

Furthermore, you need to know what antagonizes or excites your Pit Bull. Knowing these things and what to look for will give you a precursor of a possible violent outburst.