WARNING: These Foods Can Kill Your Dog


Feeding is the core element to being a pet-owner.

Mush like raising kids, even a hint of neglect here can have horrible consequences. German Shepherds are super smart dogs. In fact, you’ll hardly find a dog breed that is a breeze to train and understands their master. Nevertheless, food is something you have to control and not rely on dog’s senses. Here’s a dog-feeding rules 101 for the beginners and those, who want to refresh their knowledge of foods that you absolutely shouldn’t give to your dogs.

First and foremost we have the chocolate.

Selena Crosby
Selena Crosby

Theobromine is harmless to people (well, if you control yourself and don’t eat chocolate until you can hardly move). But it’s extremely toxic to dogs. It can cause all sorts of digestive dysfunction, most of them leaving you cleaning your carpets and furniture and clothes for a good deal of time. Yet in some extreme cases it can lead to heart problems, seizures, and even death. You know that Death by Chocolate they serve in some restaurants? Well, in the case of dogs this cake can have a very grim feel to it.

Another item that should be excluded from your dog food shopping list is alcohol of any sorts.

You know how some people would suggest parents give a drop of alcohol to their distressed baby to calm it down? You should not do this with your dog, whatever pain or stress it goes through. Alcohol can be tolerated in small quantities and is depends on the size, age, breed and physical health of the dog. German Shepherds are fairly big strong dogs. Best case scenario – it doesn’t have much effect on your pet. However, the benefits of immediate painkiller can be not worth the risk you’ll be taking. Reports suggest that alcohol intake can cause a dog to go into a coma or have lethal consequences.

Feeding dogs raw meat, while sounding healthy and resembling what a dog would eat in the wild is a no-go, too.

Having extremely intricate breathing organs, even a small piece of a bone can cause asphyxiation. While it is commonly understood not to give food that can get stuck in your dog’s esophagus, raw meat is a mistake many can make.

Finally – the vegetables.

With the trend of veganism spreading like crazy, many people try to convert their dogs to the same dieting regime. It is a serious mistake to change dog’s diet rapidly and so drastically on its own. But going completely animal-protein-free can cause irreversible repercussions. Dogs have a very delicate digestive system and this is something dog-owners have to always have in mind.

We think of our dogs as a highly intelligent species.

We also often rely on their instincts. And while these statements are true and dogs do have great instincts, we still have to remember that we’re the caretakers, and they are the ones being taken care of. Keep all the chocolate in the world to yourself, and vegetables would be great for you. Heck, have a glass of wine every once in a while and a beer while watching football or having friends over. But as for your dog – this might be too much and a freshly opened Royal Canine or Purina is likely a much safer diet for your beloved pet.