Vacation In Hot Climates? Here’s Pet Safety Warning


Once you get a rescue dog – you simply love to spoil them and treat them with utmost love and care.

You love surprising them with new stuff they were denied previously. A vacation is definitely one of them. Are you planning a vacation to a hot climate with your dog? Do you know what are the dangers of getting your pet out in the hot sun? Check these tips to be sure you and your dog are safe during the vacation.

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is a just as life-threatening hazard for the dog as it is for a human. Cats and dogs perspiration is much more different than humans’, so it is harder for them to dissipate their heat. Panting isn’t very efficient when it’s humid and hot outside. Many people know never to leave a pet in an automobile on a hot day, but not everybody knows of the possible danger of heatstroke just playing in the yard. Pets which are big-boned or have heavy fur have a hard time when they get hot since they can’t cool themselves enough by panting or getting some iced latte. 

When a pet gets too hot, the first sign is excessive panting and stumbling.

If you are at home, try to measure your pet’s temperature. Applying cool water to your pet body will help the cooling process. Direct a water hose right at your pet, give her or him ice cubes to lick or chew, which are the most straightforward ways of cooling down. In case your pet isn’t responsive, you should get immediate veterinary attention. Even when treated, some pets endure long term effects from heat stroke. Some pets won’t survive, particularly if they’ve already collapsed when they’re found.

Beware of tropical local insects and reptiles that may be a hazard to your dog.

Copperheads are a certain kind of venomous serpent that dogs come in contact with. The bite of the copperhead may cause massive swelling at the place of the bite. Rattlesnakes aren’t extremely common in certain states but are in others and their bite is frequently lethal. These are just some of the many dangerous little creatures that can be not familiar to your dog. Be wary of their potential existence in your vicinity and be quick to react to their bites.

Food and related issues

Remember, that dogs actually do have a delicate digestive system. Summer and summer-style holidays frequently mean barbeques, picnics, roasted meat and junk foods. Be sure to have a special stash of food for your dog. Eating lots of ‘human’ foods can cause irreversible consequences for a dog’s health. 

While it’s okay to treat them with some usual food, and not dog’s kibble, every once in a while, making this a common practice is extremely dangerous and should be frowned upon.

Finally, remember the goal you’ve set up for the vacation – relax.

Anxiety and irritation, stress are hardly less traumatic than a food poisoning – you have to always keep this in mind. If you wanted to achieve something in your vacation, that is relaxing and cooling off a bit, and this is what you and your dog have to do!