Training a Dog is a Core Ingredient to Being a Pet-owner

Even if you’re not aiming at K-9, day-to-day activities and interactions with dogs require training from both sides. So, remember – training of your dog starts from Day 1. And it never ends. It is widely known, how skillful and talented the German Shepherds are. Often, this is the main reason they are picked up as pets. 

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The name kind of gives it away, and you have probably guessed it – German Shepherds were bred in Europe for several hundred years, primarily, to herd sheep. And that’s no easy task. Because it is in their genes – to collaborate with humans, as well as to work individually.  They are great at learning new things. This versatility, and the fact they they can do pretty much do everything, makes them the #1 choice for millions of pet owners.

Here are Some of the Things that You Should Know Before Starting to Train Your Dog

Understand What You are Looking for in a Dog

You really need to know what you would require of your dog – what tasks and duties you are going to prepare your German Shepherd for. And also vice versa. You need to understand what are the things that the dog would need from you. What are the weak and strong sides of your pet? What needs to be developed and what are the areas for extra effort in training. 

Get the Right Trainer

This is crucial. Don’t let some maniac take charge of your dog! Even if you’re simply taking tips from some video on the Internet – you need to be sure, that what you’re doing is right. Check with several specialists or other enthusiasts, and find out the best regimes, tactics, and tips for dog training.

Be the Alpha Dog

This rule probably relates to all dogs. However, messing it up with a Poodle may not have drastic consequences. With the German Shepherd, the situation is very different. You must establish dominance in the house and in the relationship. Your dog must accept you as the leader, whether you’re chilling in the house or outside walking. Find an equilibrium here, because you don’t want to be a tyrant or a control-freak over your dog. 

Stay Consistent

Alright, we did say that German Shepherds are very smart and easy to train. But you have to keep in mind, that they are still relying on their instincts – acquired or inherited. Teach them to react by consistent, repeated trigger-action methods. In an environment when their actions and your reactions become predictable for dogs, they feel calm and confident in what to do. 

Don’t Discourage Instincts

German Shepherds are great guard dogs. So, even if you’re training them to be something else, you must remember that this is in their blood. Do not discourage barking or mild aggression, as these are core instincts.  Part of their nature. 

Safety First

The main thing to remember is that safety is a must. Both, for you and the dog. The dog must not feel threatened or alert. Be patient with your dog and make sure no one gets hurt. This way you’ll be able to get the best results with the least risk. 

Have Fun

Do not forget that this is your pet, not your boss or someone you’ll be supervising at work. This will be your companion and friend. So, try to make training time fun!

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