Top 5 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats


If there are any cat-lovers reading this – just stop. There’s really probably nothing that can change your mind on dogs vs cats. However, if you approach this post with an open mind, be ready to change your position and join the dog-lovers. Otherwise, the list will make little sense to you. Because most of the things that make dogs so special for us are really irrelevant for the cat owners. They simply look for other things in a pet.

Anyway, without further ado, here is our pick for 5 best things in dogs vs cats.

  1. Dogs care about you more than about themselves

    This point would probably be enough to seal the deal and end the discussion. This is an all-encompassing trait of character for a dog. Dogs will literally drag you out of burning buildings or fight off thugs in the street or any other threat. Yes, it is difficult to imagine a cat defending the house against a burglary, but that’s not really dog’s problem, that most

    pets can’t do things like that. If you look for companionship, safety, and friendship – getting a dog is a no-brainer. 
  2. Dogs’ 6th sense

    Remember all those stories about dogs in clinics that would look after terminally ill patients? Whatever is the scientific explanation to this, it is a real blessing to have a dog taking care in their own way after an old person or someone who is about to pass or becoming friends with a mentally challenged child, instances of which have been reported a vast number of times.

  3. Dogs keep us fit

    When was the last time you got up at 6 AM to go for a walk? When was the last time you ran in a park or a forest just for the sake of it and not because you just remembered you left an oven on? Now, when you have a dog, you simply have yo do this sort of things. Oh, it is a real struggle for most people to force themselves up at first. But then, you’ll get something like a runner’s high. Walking your dog in the mornings will really become the energy boost for the day and the evening walk might become the highlight of your day.

  4. Dogs can help you make friends 

    Once you get a dog – they become your sidekick. All the kids will love them (unless this is an ex-illegal-underground-dogfighting pitbull), all your friends will adore the dogs. There’s simply no way around it – most people adore dogs and this enables you to socialize more, to get new acquaintances, like fellow dog-owners, and to become the center of attention at the parties. Okay, technically, the dog will be the center of attention, but you’re in a close second place!

  5. They make us happy

    Dogs truly are our best friends. They do not care if you’re rich or poor, old, cool, unemployed – they love you all the same. This is enough to make anyone happy. But wait, there’s more. They are funny, cute, sometimes dorky (when trying to catch that squirrel) and adorably friendly. Come on, there’s no way another pet can give you all that, right?