Time to Stop Associating Pit Bulls with Crimes – They are Now Police Buddies


[VIDEO]: A Pit Bull’s attitude made it well-suited for Police Dog Training…

Credt: Associated Press

Common perception is that if the dog is dominant and aggressive, it must be a Pit Bull. And it has to do with its stout and sturdy look. Little do people realize that Pit Bulls are patient and loyal. In fact, they are now amongst the most reliable police aides with special skills.

History of Abuse

It’s true, in the past Pit Bulls were used by drug criminals and dog fighting arenas. These criminals were capitalizing on the dog’s abuse symptoms to add security and gain profits from their illegal activities. The dogs seized from “Bad Newz Kennels”, the Virginia dog fighting ring previously operated by NFL quarterback Michael Vick, was no exception. The once aggressive dogs that survived their ordeals have now been rehabilitated by caring individuals.

Pit BullsLife Turning Event

Kiah, a pit bull that displayed exceptional skills while in the shelter is now an accomplished K9 school graduate. She will join other pit bulls as a police dog. Pit Bulls can very well be police buddies for solving crimes.  If that doesn’t end the dog fighting image of pit bulls, I don’t know what can! 

Brad Croft, a dog trainer for law enforcement does not discriminate against dog breeds of any kind.  “It’s the character of the dog inside that’s important;” he said.

Kiah now serves as sniffer for the Poughkeepsie Police Department.  Dog “sniffers” are used to detect drugs, bombs, and also locate missing people. She is truly a goodwill ambassador for all of her fellow Pit Bulls and for the police!

Pit BullsJustice for the Pit Bulls

Animal Farm director of training, Bernice Clifford, explained that the “Pit Bull” name itself misleads people – any dog that is muscular and with a block-shaped head is quickly classified as a Pit Bull.  They often ended up in shelters or worse, euthanasia, just because they are labeled as such.  It is evident that those executed for their aggressiveness were really not Pit Bulls.

Banning Breeds did not Lessen Attacks

The banning of breeds ultimately did not help in minimizing dog attacks. This is confirmed by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Fatal dog bites did not correlate between dog attacks and breed classification.

A dog’s breed is also not a measure of their suitability for police work. Ulster County sheriff’s deputy, George Carlson, who is Kiah’s trainer in Stone Ridge, New York said “a dog’s drive, energy and eagerness to please are basically more important factors for a successful police dog training.”

Pit BullsBad Reputation turns good

The following facts describe the turn of events for the Pit Bull’s name:

  • Pit bulls may not have a good reputation.  But Kiah and others may be turning that around!
  • A Pit Bull can be trained as drug “sniffer” and to fight crime.
  • Pit Bulls having an active play drive are key qualifiers at the Poughkeepsie Police team!  (At least according to Officer Justin Bruzgal)

The Struggle is not Over Yet

The work is far from over when it comes to the general public and people are divided. Brooklyn-based photographer, Bethany Obrecht, documented the plight of Pit Bulls crowded in shelter facilities. After a few months most of the dogs photographed during her last visit were gone for good. There’s just too many of them and not enough people willing to adopt them.  Don’t let the lives of these sweet, caring and adorable dogs go to waste. They are therapeutic when nurtured well!

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