When getting a dog you’re being promoted or, rather, granted a very important job – you’re becoming a guardian of a living being.

When it’s your first dog (who did you play with when you were a child? With other kids??? No way!) it is important to get it right on the first try. Dogs have different personalities and you can simply be incompatible. You might learn that you have an allergy and then you’re really really incompatible. Or you simply will not be able to keep up with the pace that the dog offers and requires. 

Dog adoption is a major world trend. 


Especially, among the developed countries. With the growing sense of social responsibility, people start to understand and value the life of animals more than they used to. Dogs are our best friends and millions of people acted upon helping them by rescuing these creatures from shelters.

Rescuing a dog does not free you from all the usual things future dog owners worry about.

Is it a kind of dog that fits well with your way of life, identity, and family plan?  Things like, do you live in a house or an apartment, and how that might impact the dog. If you have kids or travel regularly these are also variables that should influence your choice.

You have to evaluate all the pros and cons of getting a dog, especially a rather big one. German Shepherds are perfectly nice dogs to get even if you’re new to the whole ‘pet’ thing. They are very well-behaved and highly intelligent. No doubt, that you will be able to train them to align with your lifestyle. But it will take time and effort on your side. 

It is extremely rare to see German Shepherds for adoption.

These are quite expensive dogs and their owners rarely give them up. Usually, people know what they’re in for when they get a German Shepherd. However, exceptions happen. Maybe someone is moving to another city, country or can’t handle these dogs. While this is not ‘rescue’ per se – you’re still getting a dog that is being let go by their owner. Trying to keep fewer dogs in shelters and the streets is a noble effort, so a deal like this would be a win-win situation if you find one.

One of the final warnings is for parents who concede to their children’s pleas for a dog.

Every kid loves dogs, and German Shepherds are so amazing that kids can’t resist them! But kids can get disenchanted easily and quite frankly bored of taking care of the dog. So, not to end up with a big German Shepherd on your hands and a couple of thousand bucks less – check out some of the local shelters. True, you might not find a pure bred German Shepherd there, but the options are vast in these shelters. Find the next best thing for your kids, and if they take good care of their pet – then you might think of an addition to the family with German Shepherd!


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