Step By Step Dog Grooming – Order Of The Groom On A Well Maintained Dog.


This is the order of the bridegroom I do on a well maintained dog.
A neglected or matted dog would change the order of the groom.

1. Wash first
2. Dry with Shammy
3. Dry with towel
4. Blow-dry body and then legs
5. Blow-dry head and ears
6. Skip this step if dog is okay for drying head and ears. Let ears and face dry while grooming body if dog is fussy of face drying. Brush the ears and face frequently while grooming body.
7. Clip pads
8. Clip groin
9. Clip and file nails
10. Brush out if necessary.
11. Clip body and legs, brush ears and face if still damp, it helps keep the cost straight and helps to dry faster.
12. Trim under tail and then tail
13. Check body and legs for stick ups and scissor even.
14. Clip top of skull, cheek, chin and face if employing clippers in this area.
15. Scissor bangs
16. Scissor face and use thinners to even sharp lines and to give softer look.
17. Trim ears.
18. Use dryer on low to blow off loose hair and to check for any uneven coat.
19. Scissor or clip off uneven coat.
Finish with Cologne, Bandanna, prow or other accessories.

Finished Dog!

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