Starving Scared Dog Get The Rescue Of A Lifetime. Theia’s Amazing Recovery And Transformation


No terms can describe the agony of a scared dog, sick and lonely, nearly starved to death, abandoned in a kill shelter, having left only moments to live. Severely emaciated and with her weakened body all covered in fleas and tickings, Theia, a Labrador mix, had almost given up hope, waiting for her end in one of Romania’s public pounds. She weighted merely 13 kg( and now she’s 26, double the initial weight) and was so fragile that we were afraid even to touch her.

After 2 months of intensive medical care she blossomed into a wonderful dog, highly loving and affectionate, friendly and kind, obedient, well-balanced and grateful, a pure pleasure to everyone. She has been with us every day since we rescued her, we watched her as she recovered day by day, as she learned to live again, as she rediscovered the joy of operating, of playing with other puppies, as she snuggled happy in her bed. It’s been now 8 months since we saved Theia, she has become an integral member of HOWL OF A DOG family. Theia has become a therapy puppy, being now the rescued dog that saves other lives, a real life hero: http :// 2kIaDKw

There are millions of dogs like Theia waiting for a chance in shelters from all over the world. Sadly, many of them never get to know the love of a forever family. Please consider adopting a shelter puppy: he will give you in exchange his loyalty, unconditional love and infinite gratefulness for being his savior.