If I Sit, I Fit! Big Dogs Who Just Don’t Know Their Own Size


Dogs are funny. They can manage to fit into the oddest places and positions – the biggest dogs included. Below are some of the funniest big dogs who just don’t realize their own size.

I Think The Coffee Table Shrunk

I mean, it’s plausible, right? (source: The Dodo)

What? He’s Doing It Too!

When waiting at the Vet, you wanna be comfy. Nothing wrong with that. (source: Pinterest)

Not an Ottoman – A “Tummy Rest”

Hey, the label doesn’t say that I can’t use it this way! (source: The Dodo)

I thought I was a cat. I was very, very wrong.

I wonder if the cat appreciates the flattery? (source: The Dodo)

The “Alice in Wonderland” Syndrome

Either I’ve gotten bigger… or this chair was gotten smaller. (source: The Dodo)

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