5 Things Everyone Really Should Know About Rottweilers… Spread This


They Actually Shed

Rottweilers, like Pitbulls, have a bad reputation. Sure, like any breed, Rottweilers can be aggressive if not properly trained or socialized, but aggression really isn’t a trait this breed is known to have. In fact, these dogs tend to be quite loving and loyal.

Often, they are super eager to please their families and make great cuddle buddies.  To honor this breed, we’ve rounded up five Rottweiler facts to show that they are an awesome dog breed!

Rotties need a good brushing. This isn’t just to help them not shed (they are super shedders!) but it also helps them bond with their human. (source: buzzsharer)

Tail Tales

Rottweiler tails are a bit controversial. Many people believe docking or cutting a Rottie’s tail will improve the pup’s balance and mobility. There is no scientific proof of this and seems to only be truly desired from an aesthetic standpoint. (source: buzzsharer)

Old Puppies? You Bet!

Rotties are late bloomers. This breed doesn’t fully mature until around two or three years old. (source: AKC)

Lean On Me

They lean on their humans. Rottweilers tend to lean against people because they used to lean against cattle to help move them along. (source: Atlanta Humane Society)

You Big Baby!

They’re kinda like big babies. Rotties tend to fart a lot, sleep a lot, and drool a lot. (source: Imgur)

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