Music to Relax Rottweilers: Here’s How to Beat Destructive behavior


Relax My Dog

[VIDEO]: Separation Anxiety can make your dog destructive. Help your dog heal any emotional traumas so your dog will sleep like a baby.

Do not disregard your Rottweiler’s separation anxiety disorder. It might be common, but it is still a serious matter. Destroying things in your home, howling intensively, chewing your shoes and slippers are few signs of the condition. You don’t have to do much. Just turn the music on – the classical musical arrangement designed for Rottweilers will do wonders.

No Rottie should be Home Alone

Leaving your dog even just for a day without the supervision of a responsible adult can trigger some erratic behaviors that you would surely detest. It is best to take it to an animal facility where he could play with other dogs or ask a caring neighbor to take charge while you are away. This will not only prevent improper urination and defecation by your Rottie but will preserve your home in proper order until you get back.

No Choice? Deal with it

In some instances that there’s no other option but to leave your Rottweiler at home, just expect the consequences. At first signs of separation anxiety, get that music in the video and play it when you want it relaxed. At night would be ideal to make your dog sleep.

Pitch Sensitive Creatures

Remember that the dog’s hearing frequency is higher than human beings. Therefore, pitches must be controlled. Rock or anything with grating sounds to them will just make them nervous. Choose one that soothes their being.

Canine Lullabies are tunes of peace. Relaxation comes from hearing nature-like melodies. Instrumental sounds are basic and not complicated. It should stop excessive barking, minimize hyperactivity and most of all, calm the dog enough to sleep. Quality sound from a good set of speakers can also help.

Canine loves Classical Music

Classical music reduces anxiety in dogs. Somehow, it comforts them. Socially isolated pets or the ones from shelters can benefit from these kinds of beat. It has been proven again and again that with this type of music on, dogs can have its full rest needed.

Anxious Dogs need to Sleep well

Healing sounds work as nutrients for the nervous system to both human and dogs. This was according to the findings of Dr. Alfred Tomatis’ psycho-acoustic research.

His study on auditory information process in dogs in relation to music prompted them to create an audio for relaxation responses. This works in both crowded dog shelters and home use for hyperactive dogs.

Howling with Music is Good

Canines do have a sense of rhythm. This is why they like to imitate some pitches by howling. This is a healthy thing when they are enjoying it. However, when it becomes a nuisance then it is already a different story.

Now that you know this useful discovery, will you let your household as well as your neighbors suffer from the manifestations of your dog’s restlessness? It would be unlikely if it requires only music to fill its inner being.

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