Five Fast Facts About Rottweiler Grooming


Give Him the “Once Over”

Before you start with the brushing and cleaning, this is a good time to run your hands over your puppy or dog and feel for any lumps, bumps, bites, sort spots or parasites (such as Fleas or Ticks) etc.

Coat and Skin Care

For a puppy, you can use a brush with ‘pins’ on one side and bristles on the other, such as Safari Pin & Bristle Brush with Wood Handle. For the first few sessions, just use the bristle side and be very gentle, it’s more to help the pup get used to the feeling of being brushed than to actually remove the hair!

For an older pup or dog who is familiar with the grooming routine, a regular slicker brush (such as the Miracle Coat Slicker Dog Brush) is a good choice. (source: AKC)

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