[VIDEO]: Lazy Rottweiler just wants to take a nap – won’t care for anything else; would you?

Rottweilers may be working dogs, but like humans, they also need deep sleep to bring back their energy. Nannies will be insecure with these guard dogs. Children would be very comfortable having them at their side when sleeping.
RottweilerThey have all the rights to be lazy – and there’s little you could do to mess the nap. Here’s why:

  1. Rottweilers work as police dogs or guard dogs.
  2. They are excellent leading dogs, guiding blind people.
  3. They can pull carts and herd sheep.
  4. Some Rottweilers are used as therapy dogs for the sick and the elderly.
  5. Rottweilers are faithful companions. Rottweiler

    More Reasons to be Cuddly

Rottweilers belong to the large dog breed and can grow up to 27 inches tall weighing between 85 to 115 pounds. Males are naturally bigger than their female counterparts. It has a short, black shiny coat with rust markings.

Rottweilers’ Bond with Children

The Rottie is devoted to its owner and to the rest of the family members particularly the young ones. Loyal and protective, it will defend its human family like its own. If it needs to be fierce, it will – when the situation calls for it. It is observant, not easily angered and friendly so attacks are unlikely to happen when trained properly.

Its friendly nature will please young children easily. Rotties are highly intelligent but better not tease with the tug-of-war games. Better yet, refrain from playing that to avoid aggression as all dogs are triggered by those reactions.

Impose Exercise to Lazy Rottweilers

Beware: letting your Rottweiler get used to being lazing lying around with the family all day. Walk your pet daily. They are better when busy than idle. Cart acts, herding plays, or agility would be fun activities for it. Joining a dog club would be beneficial to both dogs and owners.

Keep the Confidence in your Dog

Rottweilers are self-confident and assure, meaning, they are not easily scared of strange things. Observant as they are with their towering strong physique, you got yourself a perfect watch dog. Never let the days go by without training your Rottweiler first to be obedient. The positive traits can easily vanish when handling an unruly canine.

Rotties can be rough Dogs

Calming down will be hard for your Rottweiler if you always play roughly with him. Be gentle and kind always and he will reciprocate the gestures in his own way.

Trust is important to a Rottie so don’t expect it to be warm with other people at once. This is a very good reason why bringing him to visit friends is not a bad idea. Just to socialize him a bit.

Boredom is an Enemy

It is advisable to conduct activities with your dog to stimulate him mentally. That would discourage boredom. Destructive and aggressive behaviors are manifestations of boredom. Better do something about it.

It is normal for Rottweilers to slow down as they get older. However, be sensitive with too much sleeping and noticeable inactivity. They won’t know how to complain since they wouldn’t want to worry you or they might not be able to communicate it properly. They will just be disinterested with anything hoping that you would notice. In any case, just don’t disturb a deep sleep when needed by your best friend.


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