Rescue of a Sad Dog Who Forgot To Live


HOWL OF A DOG rescued this sad scared lonely dog from a life of neglect. Dora was a stray homeless dog captured and taken to the city pound. She was traumatized, underweight and had some skin problems that required medical attention. She has deprived of human affection and proper medical care and her journey to emotional recovery was a slow but eventually a happy ending one. For the first week, her tail was tucked between her legs almost all the time and she walked with her head lowered. Starting with the second week, she began to feel more comfortable and even wagged her tail, timidly, for the first time. Being offered proper care and much love, Dora has transformed and become a normal dog, enjoying every cuddle and attention she receives.

Dora is in our care in Romania, but we also facilitate international adoptions:

If you’d like to make Dora a part of your family and offer her all the love and the care she deserves please email us on contact Thank you!

UPDATE: Dora was adopted by a lovely family from England.