We Fostered Rescue Dogs For Two Weeks


There are a lot of rescue puppies out there that need love and attention. So the Ladylike women decided to partner with an L-Abased non-profit rescue organization, Dogs Without Borders, to foster puppies until they got adopted and the dames learned a lot about adulthood.

The organization provided food, medical furnishes, and any type of equipment( toys, beds, etc) that the dogs needed. The dames provided a lot of love and affection.

Chantel grew up with dogs but never owned one. She once had a baby duck for eight weeks, which counts for something.

Fred was a little nervous about promoting a puppy due to her absence of experience owning one.

And Devin already had two cats and fish with a huge maternal instinct, so she was super excited for the new addition to her family.

So … with some assistance from Crystal, the ladies would be paired with their perfect match.