This Priceless Training Tool May Have Just Answered Dog Owner’s Biggest…


The excitement of having a new dog in your home is contagious. Your excitement transfers to your puppy/dog and before you know it she tinkles without warning. The following house training tool is priceless, and it works!

House training a dog takes patience.

House training a dog takes time and patience, but the right tools make it so much easier. Consider the number of times your puppy or adult dog needs to do business each day. A rule of thumb for most dogs is, “when you put food in, let your dog go out.” Controlling your dog’s food intake is fairly standard. Feed your adult dog twice a day and growing puppies (under five months) three times a day. Every dog is unique, therefore check with your veterinarian to see what is best for yours. For more details on feeding schedules, click here.

Access to water during the day is crucial for proper kidney function in your pup. Therefore, controlling your dog’s urine output is a bit more challenging if you work outside the home. You have a few options, in this case, you can hire a dog walker or register your dog with a doggie daycare. If these options don’t meet your budget, the most significant house training tool is your next best bet.

The Greatest House Training Tool

dog pads transform house training.

Dog or puppy training pads are the way to go! I use these for every dog entering our family if they plan to live indoors. Carpeted flooring is not the best starting spot to begin house training your rescue dog. Begin on a laminated or tiled floor that easy to clean. Preferably a small bathroom, laundry room, or utility room works best.  

The positioning of your dog’s favorite items is important. The dog bed, toys, and water bowl needs to be on one side of the room while the puppy pads are on the other. We use the jumbo size, to begin with, and wean down to small as the dog becomes more consistent in where she goes. 

Have your praise ready, and a treat on hand for that first pad hit. Now, don’t scare your dog with screams or extra loud praise, a regular, “good girl” works just fine. 

When you’re home, take your dog out every couple of hours to relieve herself and use a phrase such as, “do your business” or “go potty” once you’re outside near the area you want her to claim. Consistency on your behalf is the key to making the greatest house training tool work.

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