This Two Legged Pup Was Badly Abused in the Past, but Look at Him Now!


The life story of this dog is both sad and inspiring. The pup lost two legs, it was abused in the past, and his limbs were almost detached from his body.

In order to save him, a vet had to remove his front legs. He was almost beaten to death, and left next to a railway line.

But Roo the kangaroo dog is now recovered, and living his life with a smile on his face!

Until his specialized wheel cart arrives, he has to hop on his back legs like a kangaroo. But that’s not stopping him from enjoying the second chance in his life.

Mrs Moetaz, his new owner, is waiting for the wheel cart to arrive so Roo could move like a normal dog again.

Roo, now almost two-years-old, was seconds to death when rescuers found him on a railway track in Romania. The vet has no option, but to remove both his front legs. After his rescue, Roo had to spend 8 months in a foster home in the UK.

But after 8 months, Mrs Moetaz came to his rescue.

“I went to get our newest rescue dog microchipped at a lady’s house in East Cowes, Isle of Wight.”

“This lady fosters dogs from a charity which rescues disabled dogs from Romania, and when I went to her house Roo was there.”

“I remember seeing his nose peeking out from behind a sofa, and I stuck my hand out and he licked it.

“It turned out my dog didn’t actually need micro-chipping, as this had already been done. I thought to myself maybe I had come here for another reason.

“After that I couldn’t get Roo out of my head.” – Source.

Roo is not alone in his new home, because Mrs Moetaz already has two more rescued dogs.

Roo’s adoption story

Mrs Moetaz and her husband had to make sure Roo can get along with other dogs, before they adopt him. But after Roo’s good behavior, their other two dogs Max and Missy were about to have a new family member.

“We know that Roo was found by some railway tracks in Romania with his legs still attached to him but almost severed.”

“He was starving as he had been there for three days.”

“He had to have his legs amputated and his shoulder blades taken out because of how badly injured he was.”

“Because he has no shoulder blades he can bend himself around in a shoe shape – he is very flexible like a gymnast.” – Source.

But he didn’t really need two legs to be happy and get along with his new family. Roo plays with the other dogs, and he’s happily hopping along the beach in his new loving home.

“He gets on really well with the other dogs.”

“He doesn’t realise he’s disabled and the other dogs don’t realise either – they all play together just as roughly as if he had two legs.”


But his new family wants to make Roo’s life easier. They’ve used a crowd-funding campaign to buy him a custom-made wheel cart from USA specialist.

“I just thought we’ve got to get him wheels.”

“Without wheels he would have had a shorter life, but they will take the strain off his spine and heart.”

“He is only two years old and very lively, energetic and loves trips to the beach with our other dogs.”

The crowd-funding campaign was a success, and Roo is about to walk normal again.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who donated – the local support has just been amazing.

“We have stopped actively fundraising now we have reached our target, however every penny raised over the target will go towards Roo’s future care.” – Source.