15 Tips For Nurturing A Three-Legged Dog That Needs Your Help


As more and more people are realizing how amazing rescuing a dog can be, more people understand the realities of what that mean. Not all rescue dogs come to their new homes completely without scars from their past. The scars can be emotionally, mentally, or even physical. However, today we are going to focus on tripawds, dogs who only have three legs, and the special care they require.

Why Adopt Tripawds?

Tripawds have a zest for life.

The question should really be, why don’t you adopt a tripawd? Honestly, tripawds are wonderful dogs and companions. They truly shine and often have a zest for life that isn’t seen in other dogs…at least to the level that tripawds express it. Some of the reasons to adopt a tripawd include:

  • Tripawds are often left behind. Many people don’t think of adopting a special need dog despite them being wonderful companions.
  • They are grateful. It is said that all rescue dogs seem to be grateful for adoption but none more than tripawds.
  • Tripawds often have few issues with mobility. In fact, most tripawds learn to live with only three legs as though they’ve only ever had three limbs.
  • They remind us to celebrate life. As I mentioned already, tripawds often embrace life with a zest that is infectious. They remind us of the importance of celebrating life and the time we have with our special canine friend.

While there can be some extra care required, owners of tripawds know they are truly blessed for having the wonderful dogs in their lives.

And the following tips will help you navigate the special care so it simply becomes a normal, every day, fact. 

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