Discover How “The Throw Away Project” Is Saving Philadelphia’s Pit Bulls Leaving No Dog Behind


The Throw Away Dogs Project is saving Philadelphia’s Pit Bulls. The organization trains Pit Bulls to be drug detection dogs for Philadelphia law enforcement. This nonprofit program began in 2014 with one mission in mind: leave no dog behind.

The Throw Away Dogs Project gives Purpose to Pit Bulls.

Throw Away Dogs ProjectPit bulls are being left in shelters or awaiting euthanasia more than any other breed in the Philadelphia area. One Philadelphia woman (Carol Skaziak) has made it her mission to save these dogs and benefit her community by turning them into police dogs.

Walk into any animal shelter in the country and it’s a safe bet that the shelter will be filled with Pit Bulls. Carol Skaziak has a passion for dogs, a dream of hers that began four years ago while working at a luxury kennel. Carol confesses what lead to her strong desire to make a difference. “I was working in a luxury pet kennel. I was shocked to see the dogs that were intentionally left at our facility and never picked up. Being a passionate dog lover, the situation for these dogs left me sad, angry, and frustrated. I wanted to find a solution for dogs that had been cast off and left behind.”

The temperament of Pit Bulls is very polarizing. Some will never remove the aggression stigma given to Pit Bulls even if they are provided undisputed proof. However, this did not deter Carol from coming up with a way to reintegrate rescue Pit Bulls into society. Her passion for dogs is both saving lives and benefiting the community.

The Throw Away Dogs Project is a Blueprint for Success.


The Throw Away Dogs Project trains rescue dogs and then donates them to police departments. When trainers discovered that Pit Bulls had many of the tendencies necessary for narcotics detection, Carol says training them was a no-brainer.

Many times, people do not find their true purpose in life until they meet and surround themselves with the right people. Carol, like many of us, also believes that Pit Bulls are the same way. They just need to be with the right person and Throw Away Dogs Project is proving just that.

The Throw Away Dogs Project has one simple and important mission. To re-purpose, train, and relocate “Unique” dogs to positively impact their Communities.

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