This Dog Was Succumbing But Her Rescuers Rejected To Devote Up On Her


Maria is special to us … You might ask yourself why, since she is a street puppies like the others and she was rescued, just like them. Let us explain why she will always have a special place in our hearts.

Feed Friends Foundation received a message about a skinny puppy walking near a fast food eatery situated on a busy street. We asked someone to go and take a looking and she saw her … but it was 11.30 PM and she could not reach anyone to assist. The next morning we went together and fortunately, she was still walking in the same area. We were so shocked to consider the condition she was in … Not much more than skin and bones. She was limping badly but still tried to get away from us by walking towards the busy street. Fortunately we were able to catch her and take her to the vet for a checkup. She was far too skinny, dehydrated and her hip seemed to be dislocated. Since foster families are so hard to find, we had to discuss if humanely euthanizing her would be best for her. The look in her eyes constructed us decide to give her a shot at life, a chance to experience love. Our major concern was her weight so decided to start working on that first and when she would be strong enough, we would work on her hip.

We discovered a temporary promote who started to work on her recovery. On day 2, Maria stopped feeing and soon after, she stopping drinking as well. On Day 3 she was still not taking any food or water … We then decided to put her on an IV three times per day to make sure she did not get dehydrated. Again we had to discuss if it would not be best to let her go … She was so afraid of us, every time we approached her she would look at us with those big eyes , not knowing what to expect. We decided to give her a bit more day, again that look in her eyes induced us not take that horrible decision. In the meantime, someone contacted us and informed us that she would like to foster Maria if she started to eat and drink again. After two days on the IV, she did! Slowly but surely her condition improved a little and we were able to bring her to her foster family.

Maria was luck to find a caring and understanding family, who devoted her the time and space she needed. She was so afraid in the beginning that she would conceal for the most part of the working day and was able to eat when no one was around. Very slowly, with the help of some delicious treats, she warmed up a little and come closer. But with any sudden motions, she would run off again and hide.

When Maria was finally strong enough, it was time to plan for the operation on her hip. Since Maria was in pain when walking, she had been on analgesics for quite some time. Now she was finally “re ready for” the operation. Since she was so afraid of us taking her to the veterinarian, we asked if she could be spayed right away. This route, she would not have to go back again, causing her to suffer more stress. Maria recovered quickly after the operation and she is now fully healthy and enjoying their own lives. She even came to understand that it is not scary to be inside the house and she will come inside to take treats from her promote! A huge step for her!

We received wonderful news from her foster household as well. Even though Maria still has a route to go, she fits in so well with the other dogs that her foster family decided to adopt her! This gave us goosebumps, especially since we were contemplating various periods if we should let her go. To insure her now, fully healthy and so happy in her own special route, confirms that we took the right decision to give her that second chance at life. A better life she deserves so much … Maria is a special puppy!