Ways To Prevent And Stop Dog Fights That Every Dog Owner Should Know


Not everyone has been there. Two or more dogs suddenly going from best friends to mortal enemies. However, if you have been there, you probably understand how truly terrifying it can be. Especially if the dogs are larger dogs. But while we don’t want a dog fight to happen, it is important for us to know how to diffuse dog fights before they happens. And it’s important to understand how to break up a dog fight. Both of which we will go over in this article.

Preventing Dog Fights Before They Begin

Dog fights can be prevented in a number of ways but the main focus is on paying attention when your dog is with other dogs.

Before we get into how to actually break up a dog fight, let’s look at some great tips on how to prevent the dog fight before it even starts. This is very important, since you can avoid dog fights if you are aware of your dog’s body language and the overall mood between dogs.

In addition, by diffusing a fight before it begins, you can help reduce the risk of injury to all of the dogs involved.

1) Know Your Dog

Know your dog. If he is toy possessive, don’t give him toys around other dogs.

The most important tip that everyone should follow when it comes to dog fights is to know your dog. This means knowing his body language as well as any signs that show his discomfort.

In addition, make sure you know what he’s like around toys, food, other dogs and unusual situation. Once you know what is likely to set him off, don’t put him in a situation where it will.

For example, if you have a dog that is very possessive of his toys, don’t grab a toy and head off to a dog park with it. Not only will your dog feel stressed that he has to guard his toy, other dogs may be possessive of toys. Put two possessive dogs together when there is a toy, and you have the perfect recipe for dog fights to happen.

If you have recently adopted your dog, avoid taking him to places where there is a potential for dog fights. Get to know him and let him settle in. Once you know your new rescue dog, you can be sure to have a good idea of the signs that your dog might be headed for a dog fight.

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