A Completely Homeless And Lonely Senior Dog Was Rescued Just In Time…


We all get emotional when it comes to dog rescue stories. You can see in their eyes that even though they’re suffering, they haven’t lost hope.

This rescue is all about giving a second chance, but it’s not what you think. The rescuers are not giving a second chance to the senior dog, but the dog is giving a second chance to us, humans.

Mufasa, the senior dog, has one of the saddest life story we’ve ever seen. He was living at a water treatment plant in Los Angeles. He was alone, sick and living his life surrounded by dangerous chemicals.

But thanks to Hope for Paws organization, Mufasa is rescued and recovering. Eldad Hagar, the founder of Hope For Paws, was informed about Mufasa and his situation and decided to act as soon as possible to save the dog.

Saving Mufasa

But this rescue mission wasn’t an easy one. The craw had to be extremely careful with approach Mufasa.

“He just sat there, not trusting us,” Hagar told The Huffington Post. “[A woman at the water treatment plant] told me that if he falls into one of the pools, the filters would just suck him in and there’s nothing they can do. It was kind of tricky.”

But the experienced rescuers from Hope For Paws were able to capture Mufasa. After some coaxing and treats, the dog was on a leash and on his way to a better life.

“Though Mufasa was frightened to be rescued, he quickly embraced the second chance he was being given.”

Mufasa transformation will definitely give you the feels! After a vet treated his ear infection and intestinal parasites, and after a shower Mufasa was a different dog.

He was happy and looking forward to his second chance.

“He became the sweetest thing,” Hagar said. “You can see how happy he is, he’s like a puppy now. He’s so happy to be alive and well.”

According to the vet, Mufasa is between 8 and 10 years old. He’s now living with his new foster family at Lionel’s Legacy. We all hope that soon a family will fall in love with Mufasa, and offer him a forever home!