Your Dog May Be Shy Or Introverted If They Do This 1 Behavior…


Does it surprise you to learn that some dogs don’t play? If your dog is shy or introverted, you understand. It is like they don’t know how to play. Since many rescue and shelter dogs don’t play like puppies, they have no idea what to do with a ball or toy. They most likely have never been given proper socialization, and are severely timid, uncertain of their surroundings, or fearful of everything.

Shy Dogs Don’t Play Well

shy dogs struggle with playing. They may not know how.

Adopt-a-Pet’s resident dog trainer, Katya, knows that a lot of dogs don’t play because of their backstory. She shows us how to help a shy dog learn to play more. Sharon, a Facebook fan, sent in a question about her 5-year-old rescue dog. This “puppy mill survivor, is scared and unsure of the world around her.”

How beautiful to know that this adult rescue dog is safe as a loving member of a forever family, right?

Consider the following things you can do to help your dog adjust to your forever family. Katya recommends using essential oils and playing classical music. Adding these techniques help your dog, with her uneasiness around people, to become more well-balanced. Check out the video, for more tips to help your dog feel comfortable as she learns to relax and enjoy herself more consistently throughout the day.

Playing With Your Dog Socializes Him!

Dogs need playtime

You may not realize it but playing with your dog is one of the best socializing techniques around, and it doesn’t cost anything.

Playing is a way to tap into the natural instincts of your dog, helping him to feel secure. Playful interaction communicates love, allowing your new rescue to feel at home and part of your pack. Think of your life as a child. 

How much fun did you have playing with neighborhood friends? Dogs are similar to us in that they love positive experiences too, actually, the more, the merrier.

Be on the lookout for upcoming live videos on our Facebook page. I’ll share with you, real-time activities with my rescue dogs as well in our new video series with rescue dog tips, I Love Rescue Dogs 101.

Consider these tips to help your dog feel loved.

Remember, a secure dog is a happy dog, and a happy rescue dog is a friend for life.