10 LOVELY Smiling Rescue Dogs That Will Warm Your Heart


Personally, I am a sucker for those happily ever afters. But not those happily ever afters found in fairy tales and romance books, although those can be great too. The happily ever afters I favor are rescue dog stores. After all, there is nothing more heartwarming than a dog that has been rescued from the brink and found a happy home. And while I tend to look at the path from before to after, today, I just want to focus on that happiness with some wonderful photos of smiling rescue dogs, sure to warm your heart.

1) Meatball

Meatball ©Instagram/loveabulllisa

Since being rescued from a shelter in Central Valley, CA, Meatball has been nothing but smiles. So many smiles, in fact, he has his own Instagram page and following.

This photogenic pup is a pitbull mix that fell on tough times. After finding his way into a shelter, he contracted kennel cough and had to be nursed back to health. But when he recovered, he headed off to his new home, complete with four other rescue dog siblings (two dachshunds and two pit bulls). 

And he earned his name by his width and shortness… and the way he’d bowl into people as he ran around them. He is a well of energy and is eager to please everyone. Loving and with a goofy grin, Meatball’s amazing smile is a constant reminder that rescuing is definitely worth the reward. 

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