This Small-Bodied Dog Is Famous For 1 Trait You May Not Know About


You’ve heard people say, great things come in small packages, and they’re right! For instance, this small-bodied dog is highly intelligent and cute. In fact, we have several small, cute, and intelligent dogs to show you. 

The Schipperke

A spitz-type herding dog, the Schipperke, originates from Belgium.

These brilliant little dogs have incredibly strong personalities. Because of their independence, Schipperkes need an active home to run off energy in enabling them to maintain a well-mannered disposition. That said, they are very trainable, doing whatever is asked of them, with the right motivation.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi

A small bodied dog with a loyal heart and smarts too

Known as a dwarf herding-dog, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi works primarily on ranches for gathering and driving livestock. They also serve as general purpose farm dogs, removing mice and rats should the need arise. This sweet, active and intelligent breed excels at multiple dog sports. Be sure to give him time in the yard to run off energy before settling down for the evening –if you plan on sleeping.

The Papillon – A Smart Small-Bodied Dog

Who wouldn’t love a papillon?  Such a small smart dog.

Do not let its appearance fool you; the Papillon is an intelligent and sport-happy breed. Also of note, this very small dog gets its name from its butterfly-shaped ears (Papillon means butterfly). Only growing to reach 10 pounds at the most, they are both outgoing and adventurous. 

The Sheltie

Sheltie dogs are compact bundles of energy and intelligence.

One of my favorite medium-sized breeds, the Sheltie, or Shetland Sheepdog, resembles a small Collie (Think Lassie in miniature). As like the aforementioned breeds, the Sheltie is full of energy and quite active. Also, you will recognize their intelligence level quickly when challenged with an agility course. Because this dog will speed through with great accuracy.

The Yorkie

Yorkie’s are amazingly smart small body dogs.

Happy, affectionate, dainty, confident, devoted and energetic describes this dynamic family dog perfectly. Yorkies, or Yorkshire Terriers, cannot be left alone in the yard. They crave attention and do better staying in a well-suited crate while you are away from the house. 

Let us know what kind of small dog you like the best.

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