10 Healthy Facts About Your Rescue Dogs Sleeping Habits That You Need To Know


In my house, sleeping dogs are part of our life. They are there at night, loudly… oh so loudly… snoring away. In my office, I can barely move my chair as the dogs cram themselves under my desk. Again, they are snoring loudly as I work. I have grown to love the sound of the snores and I know that all is right in the world when my sleeping dogs are content. But did you know that sleep patterns are important for dogs? In fact, there are a lot of facts about sleep that many dog owners are not aware of. In this article, we are going to look at sleep facts and enjoy some wonderful photos of sleeping dogs.

1) Sleeping Dogs Don’t Just Sleep

Sleeping dogs are often dozing throughout the day. Just like this sweet dog is doing.

The first interesting fact that we are going to look at is that dogs don’t just sleep. Sure, they may seem like they are sleeping but for much of the day, dogs are actually dozing. Many dog owners can see when their dogs are dozing simply by how quickly they will jerk awake as soon as their owner stands up. 

While this dozing isn’t a deep sleep, it does add to the overall hours that a dog requires for sleeping. It is an important part of their day and owners should try to avoid disturbing it as much as possible. If the dog is able to doze undisturbed, he will be more likely to slip into a deep sleep and get more quality sleep periods in throughout his day. 

You may be wondering just how many sleep hours a dog needs, which is our next interesting fact. 

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