Discover The Talents Of THESE 6 Short Haired Dogs


All dogs are beautiful and an asset to have around. These short-haired dogs are very talented in unique ways. Check out what they do on a daily basis. Do you own one of these?

Dutch Shepherds: The First Of Our Talented Short-Haired Dogs

Dutch Shepherd

These Holland bred canines make good dogs for police and security work. We don’t see a lot of them in the U.S., but their beautiful markings and high intelligence would make them an excellent addition to any home.

Beagle: A Small Breed With Big Talent

Beagle is one of the most popular breeds in the U.S. They have a broader head and short square muzzle. This breed stands at a height between 14-16 inches and weighs up to 11 kg.

Think agility and high energy when considering the Beagle’s talent. Great for hunting and in sporting games.

Labrador Retriever: Always Eager to Please

Beautiful Labrador retriever, champagne colored, isolated on white background

Always eager to please, the Labrador ranks high when it comes to trainability. Significantly utilized as service dogs with individuals who are ill, blind, or wheelchair-bound, these beautiful beasts are loving, caring, and tender-hearted. Thus, making them the perfect fit for young children as well.

German Shorthaired Pointer: A Hunter’s Best Friend

Great hunting dog and an excellent tracker.

One of my favorite experiences was training our GSP, Betty to track blood trails. Though I was taught to only shoot when I was sure of my target, it’s not always the case for many hunters. Therefore, when a deer is shot but keeps on running, you need a qualified and obedient tracking dog to find it. Such is the case with these beautiful hunting dogs.

Bloodhound: Fugitives Beware!

Beautiful Bloodhound puppy at six months.

Used as the perfect nose-to-the-ground tracker in search of fugitives, Bloodhounds are still used today in this scenting capacity. You may also recall their talent being used in the famous children’s book/movie 101 Dalmations. 

Belgian Malinois: Known For Herding And Guarding

Belgian Malinois Dog. Great nose for explosive and narcotics detection. Tracking of human suspects. Police work. K9.

Are you trying to figure out where you’ve seen this kind of dog? Ever watch, Person Of Interest? Yes, Bear is a short-haired guard dog. Competitive obedience and agility work, along with detecting illness in individuals (they have a keen sense of smell) is what they are known for.

Every one of these dogs is talented in unique ways. What about your dog, what does he or she do that is extra special?

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Which of these short-haired dogs do you like the best?