10 Success Stories That Prove Senior Dogs Are Worth Adopting


Anyone ever loved by a senior dog already knows how truly special the love of a senior dog is. Like diamonds in hiding, ready to shine within the proper home.  The beauty of their souls isn’t always seen in their grumpy, graying faces, but it is there shining in their eyes. There is just something special about a senior dog and when that senior dog is abandoned, I know their tug at my heart more than other animals in need. However, not everyone is aware of how wonderful they are. But after reading these senior dog adoption success stories, I am sure everyone will be inspired to adopt these old souls.

1) Possum

Possum has settled into his home. ©Cayleb’s Kindred Senior Dog Rescue

No one is quite sure what Possum is. No one is sure whether he’s a Heeler, a Husky, or some other breed of dog. What they do know about him is that he isn’t a small dog, despite thinking that he is. They also know that he is quite old— at least 12 but maybe even older. 

Possum was brought into the shelter after he’d been found in an apartment. His previous owners were gone—evicted from their home—and they’d left him behind. He was traumatized by it and he ended up at Cayleb’s Kindred Senior Dog Rescue. Like all senior dogs, no one was sure just how quickly he’d be adopted. After all, senior dogs tend to be overlooked in shelters.

But Possum wasn’t overlooked, in fact, he was adopted after only one day in the shelter. He quickly found a new home that accepted him and all his years. They accepted his arthritis and the fact that he could barely hear. They accepted his trauma and showed him a world of love. He came around quickly and showed his new home what a sweet dog he truly was.

And the senior dog began to play. His favorite being tennis balls and a pink plush toy he carries with him everywhere. And when he isn’t outside playing, he is inside sleeping snuggled against his doggy-brother, a twenty-one-year-old terrier named Norman.

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