15 Roly-Poly Puppies That Will Capture Your Heart


Puppies, we love them. They have captured our hearts for millennia so it is no surprise that dogs are man’s best friend. But when we are looking for something cute, there is nothing better than roly poly puppies. They are short, chubby, and full of playful energy. Who doesn’t love photos of cute puppies? In this countdown of the cutest roly poly puppies, we are sure to delight every dog lover… and even people who aren’t.

Roly Poly Puppies Number 15

That chubby puppy is so happy and we are just as happy as he is. We are delighted to share him as the first in our countdown. Why, because of this shepherd’s sweet smile and his even sweeter tongue.

I think he is ready to play or maybe he’s tired out from a good play and wants to head off to sleep with a friend.

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