How This Famous Photographer Is Changing Life For Shelter Dogs


Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Richard Phibbs has gained attention around the world for his celebrity photos. The photographer has photographed greats such as Meryl Streep and Michael Fassbender and his work has seen him in Vanity Fair, Paper Magazine, and many other magazines.

For many, Phibbs work is amazing and he has focused his lens on people around the world, traveling to many exotic locations.

How Richard Phibbs is Changing Life for Shelter Dogs


But there is so much more to this photographer, who has turned his experience and talent on a new subject— shelter dogs. Volunteering for the Humane Society of New York, Phibbs has taken photographs of shelter dogs available for adoption for years.

His photographs are breathtaking and prove the depth of beauty found in every rescue dog that touches his life. Of course, more than 70 photos who have survived the hardships of abandonment, abuse, and neglect, have made their way into the pages of his book, Rescue Me, which is published by Aperture.

His work continues to shine a light on the plight of rescue dogs looking for their forever homes.

So let’s look at some of my favorite photos from his series.

1) Zooey


Zooey is a sweet Pit Bull that came from a large litter of nine. She was adopted along with her sister but the new owner couldn’t handle the pups and relinquished them to the Humane Society of New York.

Zooey’s beauty shines in the photograph and it is clear that she needed the perfect home. Which she found at just 13 months old when she was rescued by Ben and his girlfriend Jess.

2) Buster


His sad eyes go straight to your soul when you look at this photo of Buster. He is a beautiful Chihuahua mix that started life in Texas. At the age of 2 years old, he found his way into the HSNY.

It is clear that he is in need of a good home where people will make sure his sad eyes become bright and happy.

3) Ariel (Left) and Lilly (Right)


Little sisters who captured hearts wherever they go. These cute little dogs found their way to the HSNY through no fault of their own at 8 weeks of age. However, the pair soon found their forever families through special events.

Ariel made her way to Emily. Adopted by Thomas, Lily is a driving force in his and his mother’s life. In fact, Thomas said the little sweetheart blessed his life and helped his mother heal from knee replacement surgery.

4) Davey


Beauty in motion, I’m surprised Davey stood still for the photograph. Or maybe he didn’t, Richard Phibbs is a professional after all.

Like many rescue dogs, Davey doesn’t have a known history. All the people of HSNY know is that he was found in Bronx running at large. No collar, leash or microchip and no owner claimed him.

Instead, he found a new home with Chris and his partner, Tony. The pair fell instantly in love with the sidewise glance. And who wouldn’t? This boy looks simply mischievous and a lot of fun.

5) Harold


If Harvey wasn’t devastating enough, it left many rescued animals without hope. That is until Phibbs and the HSNY stepped in and rescued them.

Harold made his way from the over-crowded shelter to New York. Once there, treatment for heartworm began. At two years old, no one knows his history. However, the Jack Russell mix’s sweet personality shines through.

He is the sweetest of dogs and is sure to make a wonderful companion for any family.

6) Lauren


During the flooding of Hurricane Harvey, HSNY rescued beautiful Lauren, a young mother with four puppies, from a shelter in Texas.

Once arriving at HSNY, the small family received medical care. Mom was treated for heartworm but the whole family is doing well and is ready for adoption.

7) Chelsea


Found by a homeless man, it was clear: Chelsea had been through a lot. He instantly fell in love with her but realized, after five days by her side, that she needed vet care.

In an act of kindness, the man brought the beaten dog to HSNY and relinquished her to the shelter. And there her life changed and even her personality changed.

The timid dog, injured with deep slashes over her body, grew into an outgoing pup. Although not clear, the wounds on Chelsea indicated that the Labrador mix began life as a bait dog. However, she has come a long way from those hard beginnings and lives a wonderful life in Jersey City with Adam and Jennifer.

8) Chewbacca


Chewbacca isn’t just from Star Wars… he’s also from Texas.

Like several dogs featured in Phibbs work, Chewbacca is a sweet little dog from Texas. He is a very mellow dog that is looking for his forever home.

And he is just one of the many mixes that Richard Phibbs photographed. But this Shih Tzu cross will capture hearts around the world.

9) Nuno


I can see so much character in Nuno when I look at his photo. He is definitely a long way from where his life had started.

After his original owner left the Bichon Frise with her mother, the poor dog suffered many indignities. Never walked, groomed, or cared for, Nuno spent his life neglected. Although fed, Nuno spent his life tied to a doorknob.

Finally, a call was placed to HSNY who convinced the woman to relinquish custody of the sad puppy. And the folks at the HSNY made sure that he was ready for adoption.

That didn’t take long. Nuno found his new home with Lorea, Dan, and their two daughters Julia and Ana.

10) Maya


The last, and certainly not the least, pup on our list of amazing rescue dog photos from Richard Phibbs, Maya was a beloved pet that was relinquished to HSNY.

While her owner had wanted to keep Maya, she’d been too ill to properly care for the 3-year-old Boston Terrier. So the great folks at HSNY took her in.

And found her a home with Lori, who fell in love with Maya when she heard her first snore.

As you can see, his photos are worth looking through and sharing. If you are interested in more of Richard Phibbs work, visit his website. Or check out his work in Rescue Me. Also, there are many dogs available through the HSNY and you are sure to find your new family member there.