Rescued Dogs Help Veterans Live Life To The Fullest


Rescuing dogs is a noble effort by itself. At Healing for Heroes, the goal is not just to rescue dogs but to connect wounded veterans with compatible companions. 

Healing 4 Heroes is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to assisting military service members and veterans. According to their website, their aim is enable wounded veterans (including those who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) find an A.D.A compliant service dog. 

 Although the organization is committed to helping veterans succeed in life, this comes at a cost. Specifically, it costs about $3,500 per dog. Hence, the operating costs pile up and quickly and the organization can only help match 30 service members per year. 

According to their website, Healing 4 Heroes relies on donations and does not receive federal funding from the Department of Veterans Affairs. As already mentioned, the cost to train just one dog is no small matter. That’s why losing even just one sponsor is a big loss for the non-profit organization. One of their bigger sponsors, they provided hotel rooms and locations for their training camps. That’s why it would require a community effort to help the organization get back on its feet. 

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