Amazing Rescue Dog Success Stories And Why You NEED To Adopt A Rescue Dog Yourself


There are countless rescue dog success stories, but most of them go unreported. Adopting a dog that no one else wanted can be a bit intimidating. Here are some questions and concerns that many of us have.

Why You Should Adopt a Rescue Dog

The first thought that comes to mind is safety. Will this dog be safe to have with my family? What about children? The answer to that question is “yes.” The women and men that operate these shelters are parents themselves and they too have families. They can relate to these fears and concerns and more importantly, they can help you overcome them. These shelters have staff members who have done their due diligence in making sure that these pets are safe and ready for their potential new homes.

Rescue shelters take great strides in the re-acclimation of these pets to ensure that they are ready to be around new people and other animals before they are put up for adoption. Many of these shelters provide training for these future pets and provide information to new adoptive pet parents on where to get even more training for their new pet.

The knowledge and patience to be a pet owner are not lost with the staff of these shelters. They know what it takes and they are willing, as well as able, to relay what they have learned to anyone undertaking this great responsibility.

There are Resources for New Adoptive Pet Parents

The goal of these shelters is not to lower the pet homeless population through euthanasia but rather through finding these loving pets a permanent home. Many times, these potential adoptive pet parents go into these shelters with the heartfelt intention of saving at least one pet from being unnecessarily euthanized.

More often than not, they are the ones who end up being rescued by these adorable and loving animals. Many of these animals come from an abusive environment. So at first, yes it does affect their disposition towards humans. However, dogs, unlike humans, do not have the capacity to harbor resentment towards those who did them harm. With a little love and care, it does not take long before these animals return to their usual playful and loving selves.

There are thousands of great success stories out there involving rescue dogs. These stories put on full display why you should take the time and make the effort to adopt a rescue dog. None of them is more heartwarming or moving than the story of the Christmas miracle named Mojo.

Rescue Dogs Can Also Be Heroes

A rescue dog saves a family from Tennessee in December of 2017. The Cookeville, Tennessee family had recently taken part in the adoption of a rescue dog. They adopted a senior rescue dog named Mojo, just months prior to the incident. This was one rescue that truly went full circle. Mojo went from rescue dog to hero by saving a family member.

Heather Thomas woke up to the sound of Mojo barking frantically. She reluctantly got up, but quickly realizes her home was on fire.

The fire apparently started on the back porch and Mojo was the only alarm that went off. Heather states that the fire spread so fast that the home was totally ablaze in mere minutes.

Thankfully, Mojo alerted Heather in time to get everyone safely out the door.

This just proves that sometimes when saving one life, you can also affect others lives as well. When you adopt a rescue dog, you have saved more than just their life. Adopting one rescue dog makes room and frees up resources for other rescue animals as well.