Perfectly Adorable Ways Your Rescue Dog Can Be Part Of Your Wedding


The wedding season is upon us. As more people head down the aisle, we are seeing more variety in the way they do it. From exotic locations and fun dances to unique guests, there are hundreds of new ideas and new songs to add to the playlist. Anyone who loves their rescue dog has been taking steps to include them in their wedding. However, not everyone is sure if they should have a dog take part in their wedding so we are going to go through 15 perfectly lovely ways your rescue dog can be part of your big day.

1) Decorate With Him

Cake toppers and other ideas are possible when you decorate with your dog in mind.

I’m not saying that he should be the one putting up the decorations but what I mean is to bring some part of your dog into the decorations. This is a great idea if you can’t bring your pup to the venue you have planned.

However, not being able to attend is no reason he can’t be with you in spirit. A few ideas for decorations are the following:

  • A picture board: Have photos of your pup along with the two of you together for guests to look at. You can add a variety of pictures so that everyone knows how special your dog is in your life.
  • Decorations with his paw print: You can have him step in paint and then onto a ribbon to create unique paw print bows and garlands. You can also have him add his paw prints to banners announcing congratulations.
  • Prints of his silhouette: Have his photo or silhouette printed onto balloons or decorations. A wonderful way to do this is to print his silhouette in white on dark decorations for a beautiful contrast.
  • Favors or stationery: You can add his paw print, silhouette, or photo on the favors and stationery. You can even use his name for announcements or your thank you cards. Such as “Fido thanks you for the wonderful gift you gave John and Jane.”

When you are using your dog for decorations, the idea is to think outside the box for some fun and heartfelt items.

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