Rescue Dog Gets Best Friend Who Changes His Life


Rescue dog gets a best friend who saves their own lives. Howl Of A Dog rescued these two dogs from a public pound in Romania. They were found in very bad conditions: Theia was severely emaciated and sick, requiring intensive medical care and Bandit had a huge tumor on his hind leg that needed surgery and a profoundly infected wound on his neck. They were rescued separately but from the very first moment, they met each other a very close bond developed between them. They are always together and have become inseparable. Theia is a permanent resident at Howl Of A Dog Rescue, becoming a therapy puppy and helping us with the new puppies we save. She is a little rescuer herself. Without even realizing, she has done so much for old Bandit and actually stimulated him the happy dog he is today. Bandit is a senior and old age brought its related problems. He has some back problems that sometimes cause him difficulty in standing and walking, but he’s responded well to drug and physical therapy and there will be many happy days for him to enjoy with his best friend Theia. Taking into consideration his age, but also his very strong attachment to Theia, we decided that it is best for Bandit to live out his life together with Theia, here with us at Howl Of A Dog. More details about each of them are available in their rescue videos: Bandit – https :// XhngKAt9bMk and https :// AXEo_fokDvI, Theia – https :// ZuIkmKtrXoQ