Throw The Rescue Dog Event of the Year: Your Wedding


With June quickly approaching, the start of wedding season is in full swing. Couples around the world are planning for their big day and it is an exciting time. Especially since people are looking for ways to make their weddings as unique as them. Well, if you love rescue dogs and rescue organizations, making your wedding the rescue event of the year is an excellent idea. And we have the ideas to help you plan a rescue dog wedding.

Start Planning for the Rescue Event

Research your rescue and your venue so you know you can work with both toward your vision.

Before we launch into the ideas for your rescue dog wedding, it is important to stress planning.

This is a no-brainer since weddings take a lot of planning, regardless of what you are planning to do for it; however, you have to give rescuing a bit of extra time. As soon as you decide that adding rescue elements to your wedding is what you want to do, it is time to start looking at local rescues and shelters.

If you already volunteer at one, that is terrific and the place I would recommend starting. In addition, if you adopted from one, you can use that rescue as a starting point as well.

However, if you are just starting out with the idea, do your research. Find out the initiatives of each rescue and whether they are ethical ones. In addition, meet with them to make sure you get along well with the people.

Once you do, ask them what type of options you could negotiate for adding adoption elements into your wedding. Some rescue may be open to putting up an adoption booth in the venue where people can come and meet a few select dogs during the quiet part of the reception.

Other rescues may allow you to have puppies and/or adoptable dogs in your wedding party. There are several different ways you can add a rescue into your wedding. However, be sure to discuss options with your rescue well in advance so you know what is possible.

Once you have your rescue to work with, you are ready to start planning the big day that will help bring rescue dogs into the spotlight with you.

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