These Little-Known Adoption Strategies Will Help You Find Your Next Family Dog


Searching for your new family dog isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s not a cookie-cutter process. Consider these adoption strategies to welcome home your best rescue dog.

Adoption Strategies When Getting A Dog From A Shelter

Caitlyn Lewis is the Community Outreach Manager for the Humane Society of Greater Dayton. In this video, she helps you take some of the “scary” out of the equation when finding your next pet. Her adoption strategies remove barriers to help you find and bring home your next best friend. “Shelter dogs may seem like a gamble but they are actually a great way to add a new member to your family,” says Lewis. 

Listen in as she debunks some myths about adopting shelter dogs.

How To Adopt A Rescue Dog Online

Check it out! There are two sites online where you can search for the dog you want, Adopt A Pet and Pet Finder. The narrator offers you a step-by-step walkthrough of the registration process. You can view adoption ready rescue dogs; which includes their photos, where they are located, the type of dog they are, and other pertinent information. Happy rescuing!

How To Assess Your New Shelter Dog

Here are some great tips from Cesar Milan about adopting from animal shelters. He discusses many animals in this video to help you bring home your new best friend. 

Cesar says that potential pet owners need to assess the animal, not the animal’s story that is told by the shelter. No matter the animal’s history, observing how the animal acts both inside and outside of the shelter crate is critical.

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What Comes After Adopting Your Shelter Dog?

According to our narrator Catie Wayne, there are fives things you should do after adopting your dog. “Adopting a pet can be so exciting and possibly scary for your new pet,” says Wayne. That said, never fear, there are things you can do to help soften the transition and out your pet at ease.  Step one gives good advice when you want to cuddle your dog right off the bat —give him some space.

Check out the other four after adoption strategies to enjoy your new friend in the best ways possible.

What rescue dog are you searching for? Do these big family dogs make your list?

Be sure to let us know how these adoption strategies worked for you.